OPTIFECT SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd offers end-to-end Business Services and Human Capital Solutions on a retainer or project basis.

Our business model allows our clients’ access to qualified and highly experienced business generalists and specialist without the burden of the associated fixed cost.

We have a team of business Associates with more than 120 years of combined experience. Our team has diverse experience ranging from Corporate Business, Board experience, Business and executive coaching and Entrepreneurship across a myriad of industries.

Our value proposition supports a holistic view of business improvement based on a logical step by step approach. Our expertise and associate business model allows us to serve customers on an end to end basis, which create consistency and objectivity as clients’ strive to meet their business objectives. In the current VUKA business environment companies need to be more agile, flexible and adaptable. The ability to react quickly and adjust to the challenges of the modern way of business or new normal is crucial for business success. Most businesses struggle with the new challenges a more complex and volatile business environment poses.

Optifect Solutions is positioned to assist businesses in dealing with these challenges in a proactive and decisive manner, which exponentially increase their probability of success.

Who we are

OPTIFECT SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd was established as a result of clients need for having access to specialised and professional end-to-end Business Services and Human Capital Solutions without having the associated fixed cost.

OPTIFECT SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd is a level one BEE contributor with 51% women ownership with diverse expertise and capacity to deliver excellent service. OPTIFECT SOLUTIONS (Pty) Ltd assists clients in achieving their business objectives and create value, .through building partnerships with clients.

Business Services and Human Capital Solutions

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